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About us

Expert in manufacturing insulated and refrigerated vehicle bodies

More than 40 years’ experience in manufacturing insulated and refrigerated vehicle bodies

Created in Poland in 1978, Igloocar puts its expertise into practice manufacturing insulated and specialised vehicle bodies. A recognised player on the Polish market as well as on the export market, particularly in Scandinavian countries, Igloocar’s customers include vehicle rental companies, vehicle bodywork dealers and transporters.

In 2018, Igloocar joined the Petit Forestier group, a family business that has specialised in refrigeration for more than 100 years. This enables Igloocar to profit from the group’s industrialisation experience to further its own plans for expansion.

Our strengths

Igloocar is committed to its core values of reliability, adaptability and creativity when producing its vehicle bodies.


We offer our customers products that are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and we are committed to meeting deadlines when completing orders.


Our experience acquired over many years allows us to adapt to meet the needs of our customers.


Our experienced staff not only adapt to meet the needs of our customers, but also offer optimal modern solutions to tailor the product as required.
Key figures

Igloocar in a few figures

vehicles manufactured per year
19.5 M€
turnover in 2019

As the leader in sustainable refrigeration rental, we improve quality of life by ensuring effective refrigeration.
We bring together all the professions necessary to meet the growing needs of companies and institutions with temperature control requirements:

Industrial manufacturing of refrigerated vehicle bodies

Rental of refrigerated vehicles, display units and containers

Sale and recycling of refrigeration products and spare parts

Through our leading brands such as Petit Forestier and Lecapitaine, we deploy a wide range of sustainable refrigeration products and high value-added services.
We are helping to accelerate the transition to a form of mobility that is more respectful of health and the environment, particularly through our Cool for Good and Cool Lab programmes.

foundation of
the family-owned
940 M€
revenue in 2022
+15 000
in 20 countries
+5 300