Industrial process

From design to manufacture

The integrated bodywork production process has been created by a skilled team who work diligently so that the functional values and high quality of the product ensure the customer is happy with their choice.

Research and design

The technical document is drawn up and production is launched.

Put into production

Specific parts are produced for the body.

Manufacturing of parts

Panels and floors are manufactured. Door frames, middle sections of the frame, etc. are welded.

Assembly of the vehicle body

The different parts of the body are assembled and bonded.

Completion of the vehicle body

The vehicle body is fitted with trims, frames, electric systems, etc.

Fitted on the chassis

The body is fitted on the chassis and prepared for any additional equipment to be installed.

Installation of additional equipment

Tail-lifts, refrigeration units, exterior accessories, etc. are installed.

Final checks

The quality and compliance of our products are checked before they are put into service.