Bodywork and fittings

Our range of vehicle bodies and our options

Igloocar offers a complete range of insulated and specialised bodies which are compatible with all types of chassis. For a tailor-made solution, you can customise your refrigerated vehicle with some of the many accessories we have available.

Vans and light commercial vehicles

Our vehicle bodies can be fitted on platforms and chassis up to 3.5 tonnes. Depending on the customer’s needs, you can create your own body configuration by adding additional equipment: side doors, tie-down tracks, etc. The bodies are suitable for installing refrigeration units.

Medium-sized vehicles

Our bodies are produced for all types of chassis. The recipient chooses any additional fittings themselves, tailoring the product to their needs. Side doors, aluminium floors, tie-down tracks, etc.
Depending on the customer’s needs, the vehicle body can be also prepared ready for the installation of a refrigeration unit or tailboard.

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Heavy vehicles

Our vehicle bodies are produced for all types of chassis.
Our standard bodies can have refrigeration units or tailboards installed. Depending on the recipient’s requirements, additional configurations can be created.

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Trailers and semi-trailers

We also manufacture vehicle bodies for all types of trailer and semi-trailer chassis. The customer can configure each individual product and create a body with a tandem-axle or turntable trailer.

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Specialised vehicle bodies

We manufacture specialised bodies without any additional equipment for the army, fire service, television and radio, as well as containers, food trucks, and multi-door bodies…

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We have expanded our offer with a large range of products. We are flexible and can adapt our product to the customer’s needs, both in terms of size and a wide range of additional equipment.

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