Vehicle bodies

Heavy vehicles

Our vehicle bodies are produced for all types of chassis.
Our standard bodies can have refrigeration units or tailboards installed. Depending on the recipient’s requirements, additional configurations can be created.

From 14 to 23 pallets

Maximum gross vehicle weight
More than 12 t
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Different types of bodywork

Dry vehicle bodies

Dry vehicle bodies serve many purposes. They allow goods to be transported securely as the doors can be locked. They also protect the goods being transported from moisture and dust.

Refrigerated vehicle bodies

Refrigerated vehicle bodies are fully insulated and fitted with a refrigeration unit. This makes it possible to regulate and maintain the temperature inside the body. They are suitable for transporting and delivering fresh products (from 0°C to 12°C) and frozen products (from -20°C to 0°C).

The temperature inside the body remains stable regardless of the external weather conditions. Refrigerated bodies are recommended for transporting heat-sensitive products to maintain the cold chain. Platform-type vehicle bodies have a floor with wheel arches inside.

Insulated vehicle bodies

Insulated vehicle bodies are suitable for transporting goods sensitive to significant variations in temperature short or medium distances. They also protect the goods being transported from moisture and dust.

Insulated bodies are recommended for transporting industrial goods and food products that do not need to be kept at a specific temperature such as bread, pasta, flour, fruit, etc.

The front wall of the insulated body is designed so that a refrigeration unit can be installed, making it possible to change it into a refrigerated body if required. Platform-type vehicle bodies have a floor with wheel arches inside.

Vans and light commercial vehicles
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Medium-sized vehicles
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Trailers and semi-trailers
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